109 Orange Degreaser

LEADA #109 Orange Degreaser

Quick Details LEADA #109 Orange Degreaser is a professional-strength citrus degreaser designed to safely remove the toughest dirt, grime, and grease that comes concentrated for flexible cleaning power. Safe, Green and Organic Multi-Use Cleaner for Interior & Exterior Use

Removes grease, tar, gum, bugs, adhesives, tree sap, & more.

LEADA #109 Orange Degreaser is a heavy duty cleaner concentrate designed for both interior and exterior vehicle cleaning applications. It is blended with powerful citrus extracts and hyper surfactants to easily cut through and separate grease and oil from any surface. The specialty formula easily cleans motor oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, or diesel fuel from engines. Remove caked-on mud, grease, and road grime from wheels, suspension components, and undercarriage parts. It is also very effective for removing insect residue from the fronts of vehicles.

Orange Degreaser ships with full concentrated. Without added water to dilute the product, users are free to tailor their own cleaning solution to take on whatever messes they are dealing with. Most messes around wheels, undercarriages, and garage or shop floors can be spot cleaned with a 30:1 dilution of Orange Degreaser. More intense and oily messes may require more grunt and chemical cleaning power.


For general cleaning, add 1 part concentrate to 30 parts water. For heavy cleaning, add 1 part product to 10 parts water.

Packaging & Delivery

Barrel inner package and out side with Carton