heavy cut liquid polishing compound cream 8300P Fast Cut Rubbing Compound

Rapid cutting action - Removes P1500 or finer abrasive marks quickly and easily. Quickly removes minor surface defects and swirl marks from all modern paint systems

Permanent gloss finish - No reworks. Scratches are permanently removed to leave an ultimate gloss finish

Superior emulsion system - Increased lubrication allows compound to work for longer without drying out

Dry use compound - No water required. Less throw off and significantly improved clean up times

Engineered in tandem with 7” Compounding Foam (W7007)- Pad is soft to help protect delicate fresh paint surfaces, yet assists the cutting action of the compound to produce a superb gloss finish

8300 Compound is a one-step system that provides a fast cutting action and a high gloss finish. It combines all the reliability and other advantages of 300# Paste with a reduced clean up time when compounding by machine. It provides the user with improved versatility, quality and speed to final finish verses competitive products. 8300 Compound has been tested against all major paint brands and has proven compliant to remove defects from all modern paint systems. Using the product with water will result in maximum performance benefits.

Can be used on fresh and cured paintwork

Permanent Finish - Removes P1500 abrasive paper marks

Rapid Cutting Action - Improved cutting action

Reduced Clean Up Time - Less water required during use

Large Volume Order

If you are considering a large purchase of this or other LEADA Abrasive products our inside sales team is ready to help by providing additional information and options that our industrial customers typically seek when making abrasive procurement decisions. Our technical expertise, customer support, and global capabilities put us in a unique position to address your biggest challenges, and we’ll do our best to prove that we should be your abrasive supplier of choice.