102 Engine Degreaser

LEADA  Engine Degreaser No. 102 can remove all dirt on the engine surface, without damaging rubber & electronic components.

Volume:1 Gallon5 Gallon55 Gallon Art No:102G01102G05102G55

(1)- Dilution: 4:1 Heavy - 10:1 Light

(2)- Rinses fast

(3)- Degreasers tools and all vehicles (4)- Emulsifies grease & grime

(5)- Waterless engine Cleaner

Engine cleaner Concentrated/Heavy Duty Professional Cleaner/Perfect for Degreasing Engines

LEADA Engine Degreaser No. 102 is a heavy-duty cleaner formulated specifically for use as an engine degreaser. Effectively and effortlessly dissolves oil, grease and stubborn grime in just minutes. Its fast acting, free rinsing formula prevents unsightly white residue stains while its herbal fragrance creates a pleasant work environment.

Product Description and Performance:

It cleans oil and dirt without damaging vehicle's engine and plastic components without necessary of water implementation.

It also creates a protective layer in metal surface of vehicle thanks to its special components. Its direct state is combustible but when it is diluted with water it is absolutely non-combustible.

Concentrated Product.

This product provides your all types of engines of your vehicles like your car, truck, vessel to be cleaned off from oil, tar and dirt. It is applied easily. It easily cleans dirt and tarnishing inside engine hood and polishes

It doesn’t cause any harm to other parts taking place in the engine of your vehicles (aluminium, plastic and other alloyed metals). It doesn’t cause any corrosion and wearing for your engine of your car.

It causes engine of your car to appear nice and clean.

This is bulk packaging to use easily in your industrial shops as well.