202  Wash & Wax

Concentrated 1:40- 1:100

Hyper concentrated

Liquid cleaning soap & waxes in one step

RH Balanced

Rinses off easily

After diluted: 1liter for one car

Product number: 202G01 ( 1 Gallon )    

Product number: 202L20 ( 20 Liter )    

Product number:2020Z16 (473ml)

Typical dilution rates are obsolete when comparing them with TNF #202 Wash & Wax. Using innovative techniques TNF has created a product that produces rich stable foam at an unbelievable dilution rate of 1:100.

#202 Wash & Wax is a rich and super concentrated thick liquid cleaning soap. It produces a dense stable foam that washes vehicles while protecting its finish. This powerful product is designed to easily remove dirt, grime, and road film without dulling the surface of the vehicle. It prepares the vehicle surface for polishing and waxing. This pH balance soap is excellent for hand washing applications, rinses easily to conserve water, and reduces towel drying time.


Depending on your water pressure, system or water hardness, dilute with water 1:40 to 1:100. Then hit with pressurized power washer, snow foam lance, or hose and nozzle with foam cannon, to create rich foam. Start with the lowest tip and work your way up until you reach the desired foam. 

Make sure the spray pattern is wide, and not a narrow pattern. Pulling trigger and the foam cannon sprays a thick layer of foam on the car, and make sure covering the entire car. As the Wash & Wax drips downward, it is going loosen up all the dirt and grease, and pull down off car. After the car soaks, rinse it off by the water.   


Safely and effectively lifts dirt and grime off all surfaces leaving a rich gloss and deep shine.

1.Rich stable foam provides excellent performance

2.Biodegradable formula

3.Ideal for use in mixing/metering systems