311 Bead-It-Up

311 Bead-It-Up Quick Details

Fast and environmentally friendly, does not hurt the paint. After the car wash, the residual water on the car body surface can be quickly removed and the car can be dried immediately. Save manpower, dry car without a towel to wipe.

3 Years expiration date Bead-it-up& hyper-concentrated drying automatic car washes& drying Agent Details

LEADA #311 Bead-it-up is a hyper-concentrated drying designed for using in the final arch of automatic car washes. It provides excellent water beading durability and UV protection.

1.Formulated for using in automatic car before the final rinse

2.Helps reduce water spotting while enhancing shine and gloss.

3.Helps water bead, separate and sheet off vehicle for faster drying with less towel off time.

4.Highly concentrated(1:400) for economy.


Dilute 1:400.

Mix with #310 sealer wax. Spray on surface and allow 30 seconds. Then just rinse away.