703 High Shine Tire Dressing

LEADA High Shine Tire Dressing #703

Tire Gel is an exterior solvent based dressing for hard surfaces such as automobile trim, vinyl, moldings, bumpers and tires. High viscosity silicons will leave a long lasting high gloss.



The unique formula prevents the tire from turning yellow and browning. It also eliminates splashes, drippings, lines, and driveway dirt. In severe weather, such as storms and flooding, tires can still look perfect for several weeks.

703 Tire Gel has long been the enthusiast’s choice. Long-lasting shine remains for weeks, even through rain! Controlled application with no runs or drips


1- VOC compliant solvent based exterior dressing 2- Gives a high gloss shine on tires

3- Protects and beautifies vinyl and other parts of the cars


This multi-use solvent is for vinyl parts, skin, and tires. Apply a small portion with a spayer or a sponge and wipe with smooth towel and let it rest. Excellent to resist the water.