705 Universal Protectant Spray-On

Product Description

LEADA Universal Protectant Spray-On No. 705 is petroleum-based dressing, protect any rubber, vinyl or leather surface, repels dust UV protectant Interior and exterior use.

Volume: 1 Gallon 5 Gallon 55 Gallon Art No: 705G01 705G05 705G55


LEADA  #705 Universal Protectant Spray-On is a petroleum-based protection that will protect and beautify any rubber, vinyl, and leather surface. It is an all purpose oily based dressing for interior and exterior. Will bring new life to surfaces. Universal Protectant is far better than any protect in the market of its kind high shine.


1- Protects&beautifies any rubber,vinyl,or leather surface 2- Brings“New Life”to dull surfaces

3- Repels dust, UV protection, interior and exterior use 4- Highest shine possible inside or out

It can make the plastic products in car such as dashboard, plastic door panel , outer rubber edge , artificial leather product etc return to the natural beauty without leaving any greasy surface. Reuse it can increase glossiness and enhance color.


Spray or wipe on desired area. For best performance, clean area before use.