706 Engine Sealant

 Engine Sealant No. 706

High-gloss, water repelling protective paint for preserving the engine compartment. The engine will look like new. Prevents corrosion and is dirt-repellent. Protects the engines, ignition cables and aggregates from wetness. Compatible with rubber and plastic parts.



This product is a special resin-based preservative, anti-corrosion agent, anti-wear and rust suppression. It has components and cables of water-resistant, can protect circuit systems, electronic systems and ignition systems. The appearance of the engine cabin treated by this product is as bright as new. It will form a transparent, smooth and non-sticky protective layer after drying. It will not adsorb dust.


Water repelling protection

Compatible with rubber and plastic parts


Spray or wipe on desired area. For best performance, clean area before use.